New Cast Page!

Well, people have been prodding me for this for ages, and I’ve finally gotten around to it – the cast page has officially been updated! Featuring updated character art, about 10 new characters, and the ability to click on any character profile to be taken back to whatever poorly drawn comic from 5 years ago they originally had a notable role in.

I did excise a few characters whose time in the spotlight seems to have passed. Could you, in fact, triangulate future spoilers about the comic based on which old characters I’ve left in the mix, as well as other miscellaneous details I’ve slipped in? Probably! Or maybe I’ll blindside all of you and do a year-long story about Chilliam Faulkner and the Ghost of Dinofrog. You never know!

Anyway, actual comic-type updates should hopefully be returning next week. Stay tuned!

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