Winter Break 64!

Today’s strip is the 64th I’ve done for Badnix! An auspicious occasion for any comic that’s somewhat based on old video games.

It also happens to mark the end of an era for the comic. While I love the characters and the world I’ve created for Badnix, the strips themselves take ages to draw, and I worry that I’ve spent too much time worrying about cranking out decent-looking updates and too little time on the writing.

As a result, some stories have tended to drag on for ages without being particularly funny or interesting or even making much sense. I also worry that you all haven’t gotten as good of a bead on who these characters are as you might have.

Well, 2012 is going to be different. I want to streamline the art process, recenter the writing, and push the comic to all the awesome heights I know it’s capable of! It’ll be what folks call a “soft reboot”: the old strips will still count, but the next story’s going to mark a kind of new beginning for Badnix.

Unfortunately, it may take a few comic-less weeks to get all of this figured out, to say nothing of replenishing my depleted buffer. I can’t promise a specific date, but the comic will definitely be back sometime in January. I will no doubt make lil’ blog posts like this along the way to let you know how it’s coming.

Feliz Navidad, guys! Let’s make this the most Prospero Ano ever.

– CC

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  1. Max says:

    I will follow the comic wherever it is kind enough to take me c:

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