Rog: the Action Figure!


My brother surprised me with this little guy over Christmas – a 3D printed Rog figurine!


How cool is that? I’m not sure it photographs super-well due to it being monochrome, but it’s pretty spot-on – even the stubby little feet look exactly like how I draw them.

I’ve never given too much thought to Badnix merchandise – my feeling is that until you guys start demanding a book or shirts or whatever else, I have no reason to shove them down your throats – but man, holding this thing just makes me want to go crazy and start a whole toyline. Alas, for the sound of tiny, plastic tomato-feet, scampering through the home…


5 responses to “Rog: the Action Figure!”

  1. ArkthePieKing says:

    I would totally buy Badnix swag!! You need to make this a thing.

  2. pakopako says:

    A plushie would do well; it’s not like Rog and Arika and Perry and Darrk aren’t squishy (and squishable) characters already. An omnipresent HUD would be neat too. Ted… maybe something Die-cast like those Bionic-6 toys. Slurri-putty might be overkill though.


    (And why can I see a “walking teeth” type Rog toy. Or maybe it’s just those Super Mario Happy Meal toys haunting my dreams.)

    • admin says:

      Oh man, I treasured those SMB3 Happy Meal toys when I was a kid. Wind-up Rog would be amazing! Or a Perry figure who “hops” when you squeeze the weird, engorged air pump dangling out of his body.

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