Just a quick update…

I’m realizing I’ve been maintaining radio silence for a while – sorry about that! Have been very busy juggling a bunch of other projects, as well as working ahead planning out the next Badnix story. (Speaking of, I’m hoping to start that up sometime next week or the week after!)

I originally intended to do some filler comics in the interim, but… well, I noticed that according to my (erratic, wildly inconsistent) numbering, the next page is going to be Badnix #600. And the first page of the next story is kind of really perfect as a milestone-capper? So yes, my own weird numerological superstitions are keeping you from new Talking Badnix and Necromommycon pages. Sorry about that!

I can reveal this for now: the next story will simply be called Story Mode, and it’s going to deal with Major Threads from The Overarching Story in kind of an unexpected and fun way. I’m really looking forward to it! Hope to get it in front of you guys before too long.

4 responses to “Just a quick update…”

  1. pakopako says:

    Sounds like the perfect spot for a guest-comic. (Bandnix 2 was 6 pages that never got numbered.)


  2. Professor L says:

    Is this going to be from Kevin’s point of view? That would be awesome!

  3. mepersonthatisme says:

    So… Who else is no longer able to follow the latest comic as it comes thanks to this blog post?

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