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  1. Proffessor L says:

    so long, it really is a good comic. Great job!

  2. pakopako says:

    Ah yes, we see a tanuki in her natural habitat… a Mercedes-Benz O405 integral bus. On the bright side, our heroine mage did avoid the the boss between the village and the mountain (likely a traffic monster).

    Aces on Slurry’s heron transformation, though her stock “looking over a cliff” framed-footage seems aped directly from a JRPG. (Including using an Amano-SD-style sprite.)

    The icicles forming on her hair in page 2 are a nice touch, though personally I feel her brow on page 3e should have been curved or even removed to show relief (rather than accentuated, which implies exasperation). With the brow furled, it feels like 3b and 3c should have been merged, 3d and 3f moved up, and 3e placed after 3f or after 3g. (A “dammit, me” feeling.)

    -=Pako “Screw Hollywood, I’m going into Public Television” Pako=-

    • clay says:

      C’mon I gave you ~25 panels today, you can spot me one panel’s worth of weird eyebrows

      • pakopako says:


        I’m just messing. But still, that is what those brows looks like to me. And the brows are the well-trimmed hedges to the windows of the soul on the garden of the face of the temple that is the body.

        I think there’s a deep message in there somewhere, but all I can think of are doorways and fart jokes.

        -=Pako “the bro about the brow” Pako=-

      • pakopako says:

        Oh yes. And here were my bets from #554, “Brand New World”.

        -=Pako “SLOG” Pako=-

  3. pakopako says:

    Re-reading this again… You actually could have broken this down into 6 comics.

    Sure, it would have been *really* like watching an episode of Drag-on Ball for what would have been a giant brick joke, but the first page is just filled with gorgeous scenery that belong in some sort of Motivational piece. The 2nd page would have been the framed overlook scene (widened to the width of the page) and I can imagine the transformation sequence progressing throughout a second (extra-wide) panel. (Again, all for the scenery porn.)

    The tools used to show the fog of winter approaching via negative space (and the border for the Fireball Spell really complement the the band of cute fluffies.

    And again, for the sake of scenery porn, more swirling clouds! (Your Eastern clouds look different than your Wood World look different than the Apple Cloud clouds… jokes on where my head is will have to wait.) The punchline after a week of (beautiful) inaction… with “!”, “Bus Stop”, and “oh”, might be off-putting, but it would also totally be in-tone with Badnix.

    -=Pako “90% Whippets” Pako=-

  4. Xenotronian says:

    5th time rereading badnix. Just don’t tell newcomers to start half way through the frocking story!

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