3 responses to “Badnix Began”

  1. Proffesor L says:

    If Metafoblin likes Kelly, then why is he keeping her over a pit of lava in rope that could loosen and drop her in at any time? Also, since when did Metafoblin get those dual hand spikes?

    • clay says:

      Good question! Also the dual hand spikes have always been there (although I’ve probably forgotten to draw them a bunch)

      • pakopako says:

        Actually you’re pretty consistent at that.

        King Metafoblin has spikes when he sleeps, when he’s on his phone… it’s always there, sometimes obscured when their palms are raised or otherwise obscured by all the King’s other shadows when doing the Wonder Woman pose.

        -=Pako “why my e-mail no work” Pako=-

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