6 responses to “A Long Awaited Rescue”

  1. Stahlengel says:


  2. gir says:

    Is this Wario reference a thinly veiled request for me to post something?

  3. Moustache Man says:

    Hey, it’s ИIV3K!

  4. someone says:

    Wake up, it’s Wakevin!

    So what’s his origin story? Glitched clone created by RNG? Disguised enemy sent by Metafoblin to emotionally break his captive? Actual player from a parallel, evil universe? Something even dumber? Love that fifth panel, BTW. It’d be a great avatar.

    • PakoPako says:

      Dumber. Always bet on dumber.

      -=Pako “My money is on a reincarnated Redgebeard” Pako=-

  5. Professor L says:

    Shaved Mario no more.

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