Oh my goodness! I’m excited to announce that, while I’m away, we are all gonna be treated to some guest comics from Alexander Swenson!

If you are a Person of Good Tastes then you probably know Alex already as the creator of the brilliant comic JOB DOG, and co-creator of the game Pachinko Man (which incidentally is still one of the best creative things I’ve been a part of).

He also created some wonderful BANDNIX guest comics back in 2012, which this current batch appears to be a sequel to. Will Rog finally get to play the trumpet? I wait with bated breath alongside all of you.

Anyway, I’ll be returning later this month! (And I promise I will bring actual new comics that are like, a part of the actual story when I do!)

One response to “BANDNIX 2!”

  1. pakopako says:

    Actual guest comics! Huzzah!

    -=Pako “Not a licensed doctor” Pako=-

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