Story End Get!

Brand New World has reached its electrifying conclusion! (Well, technically, there’s one more page to go, but… you can draw your own conclusions about that on Wednesday.)

I think we’re going to take a break from new comics next week… and then I may be getting creative with some “filler” comics for a little while before we actually start up the next chapter. My buffer has been pretty trashed by the last couple of (particularly hellish & busy) weeks, and the next story has some pretty major gauntlet-throwing to do. It’s gonna be a good one! I’ve gotta bring my A-game!

Look, I really hate taking “hiatuses” all the time, but well… I’m a really busy guy… and this isn’t my day job… and I haven’t missed an update since October… and what do you ghouls want from me anyway, huh?! Begone, you vultures! (Just kidding, I love all my readers & I appreciate your boundless patience.)

Very excited for the stuff that’s coming up! It’s going to be a very different kind of Badnix – and it’s going to mark the return of a character who’s been gone for a while. (No, it isn’t Dinofrog.)

3 responses to “Story End Get!”

  1. pakopako says:

    We really need to click on more of those ad banners.

    -=Pako “You Need To Sell Out” Pako=-

    Hoping the future is more “Tenkaichi” than “Frieza Saga”.

    • clay says:

      I’d prefer people forego clicking the ad banners (which have made me enough to cover about a month of hosting costs in, what, 5 years?) and just tell some friends about the comic.

      Also I resent the implication that the Frieza Saga and the Tenkiachi arcs aren’t both great (but I think you will be pleased by what’s next)

      • pakopako says:

        I post it where I can. Anywhere nostalgic gamers go, showing that how Kevin met HUD is like shooting fish in a barrel.

        Surprised Badnix isn’t up on TopWebComics (voting portal) or ProjectWonderful (ad-sharing ring) to link up to other comics.


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