Sluri’s Backst…uri!

We’ve seen lots of little hints about Sluri’s past over the years, but I’ve always left most of it implied… for a very specific reason!

You might’ve noticed the big flashing “Games” button at the top of the site, which links to… exactly one game. Well, for ages I’d been intending to do a little JRPG-ish spin-off game about Sluri’s early years as a wizard-in-training in Fantasy World, which would’ve explained a bit more about her motives and her relationships with other characters.

ABOVE: an unrelated Badnix game that also will probably never be released

But, for various reasons, I decided not to go ahead with that project, and it’s left Sluri a bit more ambiguous than I’d like. So, with some help from Kambei’s Mental Block, we’re getting a little peek into the backstory that would have been covered in that game. Before resuming the goofy fight scenes! Probably!

(Worth noting, BTW, that I still have some ideas for Badnix-related games that may actually happen! Don’t give up on that shiny ‘Games’ button just yet.)

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