RIP Necromommycon

The adorably morbid – dare I say, morbidorable – tales of Baby Arika are at an end for now. I know this was “filler”, but I actually really enjoyed this interlude. Enough so that I retconned them into their own little “mini-chapter” in the archives! (In part because I snuck some foreshadowing in there that I’d like not to get lost.)

I’m going to be out of the country soon (I promise that’s not a euphemism for playing the new Zelda game) and I won’t be back until the 27th – so, that’s probably when the “real” next chapter is going to start. BUT! I’m pretty sure I have something very exciting lined up for the next two weeks. So, keep an eye out for that!

If I ever decide to do an interlude like Necromommycon again, what character(s) would you like it to focus on? A Kevin/Hud solo story? Darrk’s secret assassin log? Redgebeard’s pirate tales? The epic origin story of Dinofrog? LET ME KNOW!

5 responses to “RIP Necromommycon”

  1. Proffessor L says:

    Maybe show what Sluri is doing. Possibly a story for Ted, an origin Story perhaps?

    • clay says:

      No spoilers buuut you are going to get at least one of your wishes very soon (and both of them eventually)

  2. someone says:

    Rog’s grandpa annoying/embarrassing Rog with tales of the Old Days.

  3. Stahlengel says:

    I’m partial to Darrk’s Journal of Inner Tumoil or Rog’s grandpa

  4. pakopako says:

    So… half-Beard, I mean, Redgebeard’s not really dead? (Or will this be told in Flashback-in-a-Flashback medium — totally not lazy narrative.)

    Darrk’s secret assassin log probably involves a lot of sweets. (And not caplis-flavored either.)

    Odd stories of Thomas Rogthaniel Maton Jr. might be entertaining, mostly as he negs his bullied son and rattles off against his racist father.

    Kevin’s decent into madness (and Popeye-arms) is fairly well chronicled. Not sure if giving HUD his own strip is needed (unless it’s his own book, from the trials and travails during the first console wars). Maybe a Day-0 POV from Dr.Mittens?

    The backroom dealings of the “The Power Council” with the other bosses could be its own Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ styled novella.

    -=Pako “Still Waiting for the Movie” Pako=-

    Dick Wolf would probably spin-off Chief McCloud and the Imperial Police into like 16 mini-series’.

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