World 4!


Badnix is back… and as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve hopped back in time a bit to Rog’s college days. Will Rog make it through school and become a successful enemy monster? The answer… probably won’t surprise you. But this story might!

My hope is that every new arc works as a clean jumping-on point for new readers, and World 4 is no different. This story is, among other things, a reintroduction to Rog and the Badniverse (yes that is the correct term) at large. So if you’ve ever wanted to show somebody Badnix, but didn’t want to explain ~5 years of convoluted webcomic backstory to them, now may be a good time!

In general I think the comics are going to be lighter on plot and heavier on humor & character stuff going forward – but if you’re a longtime reader haunted by the forest of dangling plot threads from World 3, don’t worry! We will get there… together. Eventually. (Probably.)

Update post!


Hey guys! Been a while. Just thought I’d let you know some of what I’ve been up to.

My recent game, That Pokeyman Thing Your Grandkids Are Into, kind of took off way beyond my expectations? It got written up on Polygon! Yeah, like, the actual Polygon dot com. So, I was busy for a bit managing that and trying to patch over the massive bugs people kept finding. If you haven’t played it yet, you can check it out on Newgrounds or Kongregate. (Or on my site, but, y’know, I don’t get ad money for that.)

I have, somewhat inexplicably, gotten really into making weird and troubling chiptunes, mostly based on a mix of old video game music and antiquated pop music. Recently, I started a Soundcloud account to collect them all! I hope they will leave you entertained/deeply confused.

I’ve also been doing a lot of traveling, and freelance work, and doing art for albums and stuff that I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about… but! Through it all, I have continued working on new high quality Badnix pages for all to enjoy.

A new story will be starting up in about a week – it’s pretty different, but I feel like it might also be the funniest/best that I’ve done? So make sure to stay dialed-in at Badnix dot com!

The End of World 3…?


The Chaos Star saga is over.. and with that, the World 3 arc (which started almost 2 years ago) finally draws to a close!

If it doesn’t quite feel like an ending, well… it sort of isn’t. We only made it about halfway through what I originally had planned for this arc. The trouble is, the Chaos Star hunt – which I originally envisioned as a fun little treasure hunt story – wound up growing into a sprawling year-long epic. I thought it made sense to have a clean break after all of that comes to a close.

I also kind of want a chance to back off from all the plot and cosmic intrigue. I am going somewhere with all of that stuff! But I don’t want it to overshadow the characters and actually having fun with this dumb video game world they live in. Hopefully I can refocus on that… in World 3 & Knuckles! (Okay I’ll probably just call it World 4).

But yeah, this shouldn’t feel like an ending. There are places we’re going with Rog, and Perry, and Sluri, Arika, Ted, Metafoblin, Hud, Number… heck, even Darrk probably has a half-decent story coming down the pipes. We are heading towards an ending – we’re just not there yet.

The other reason why this shouldn’t feel like an ending: we haven’t gotten through the EPILOGUE yet! (See how I buried the lead on you?) Check back next week to find out what that’s going to be.

Grandpa vs. Pokeyman!

No new comic today – but I do have something kind of fun to share. I recently finished making a game for the 2016 Big Awful Jam


I wound up having to code, write, and do the art for this game in just under 2 weeks… given that, I feel pretty good about how it turned out. Here’s the elevator pitch:

Experience the latest monster-capturing mobile game craze through the eyes of a man who aged out of its target demographic half a century ago!

Embark on an epic scavenger hunt for dumb-looking creatures throughout the vast expanse of “the area immediately outside of your nursing home”! Interact with whippersnappers, punk teenagers, and respect-worthy elders! Meet colorful characters like “Peekachorp”, “Charblezorb”, and “Literally A Ball With A Face On It”!

You can play the game in your browser – hope you guys enjoy it! We’ll press on with new comics (and the end of World 3…?!) on Wednesday.