New story next week!

I’m back from my travels abroad – just in time for the end of BANDNIX! How great was that, right? Imagine how good Alex’s actual comics must be! Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine, because his beautiful comic magnum opus is already on the internet, primed for your eyeball-consumption.

Anyway, the very long Legitimate Story Content dry spell is finally going to come to an end next week. I am excited for what’s coming next! And also nervous that I may have bitten off way more than I can chew! Remember to check back on Monday, so we can all be excited and nervous together.


Oh my goodness! I’m excited to announce that, while I’m away, we are all gonna be treated to some guest comics from Alexander Swenson!

If you are a Person of Good Tastes then you probably know Alex already as the creator of the brilliant comic JOB DOG, and co-creator of the game Pachinko Man (which incidentally is still one of the best creative things I’ve been a part of).

He also created some wonderful BANDNIX guest comics back in 2012, which this current batch appears to be a sequel to. Will Rog finally get to play the trumpet? I wait with bated breath alongside all of you.

Anyway, I’ll be returning later this month! (And I promise I will bring actual new comics that are like, a part of the actual story when I do!)

RIP Necromommycon

The adorably morbid – dare I say, morbidorable – tales of Baby Arika are at an end for now. I know this was “filler”, but I actually really enjoyed this interlude. Enough so that I retconned them into their own little “mini-chapter” in the archives! (In part because I snuck some foreshadowing in there that I’d like not to get lost.)

I’m going to be out of the country soon (I promise that’s not a euphemism for playing the new Zelda game) and I won’t be back until the 27th – so, that’s probably when the “real” next chapter is going to start. BUT! I’m pretty sure I have something very exciting lined up for the next two weeks. So, keep an eye out for that!

If I ever decide to do an interlude like Necromommycon again, what character(s) would you like it to focus on? A Kevin/Hud solo story? Darrk’s secret assassin log? Redgebeard’s pirate tales? The epic origin story of Dinofrog? LET ME KNOW!