New Readers

Badnix is a humor/adventure comic following the adventures of enemy characters inside of a video game you’ve never played… that is also kind of every video game you’ve ever played. Think of it like a lost Nintendo Power comic that happened to be incredibly self-aware. Or like Wreck It Ralph with the scope of Lord of the Rings.

The story follows Rog, a stubby little tomato-man serving in King Metafoblin’s army of enemy monsters. When the King kidnaps a maiden from the human world, her boyfriend Kevin attacks, laying waste to the enemies’ Worlds with his backpack full of power-ups.

It’s up to Rog and his ragtag group of enemies, the Badnix, to do whatever they can to stop Kevin from reaching the end of each Level. Along the way, they tangle with corrupt Bosses, robots, pirates, organized crime, stampeding dinosaurs, and the fundamental weirdness of their whole dang universe.

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