Like I said in the last blog post, we’re going to be doing some filler-ish standalone comics before moving into the next story – specifically, some 4koma comics about Arika’s early life with her mother, the fearsome necromancer Charlotte. (Check the cast page out if you don’t remember her.)

Note that you read 4koma comics vertically, in columns – I’ve decided to throw two comics on each page as a lil’ consolation bonus, but don’t try to read the whole page as one thing!

Normally I hate clogging the archives with “filler”, but I’ve actually wanted an excuse to do this little spin-off for a while… hope you guys enjoy it!

One response to “Necromommycon!”

  1. pakopako says:

    I do wish I had enough skill to upload crappy guest comics. But that would take away from the potential guest comics made by legitimate artists.

    -=Pako “q_p” Pako=-

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