Merry Badnix-mas

Hope you’re all having a good holiday-type season! We’ll be taking a week off from new comics, buuut I do have some fun seasonal things to share!

Did you know I just finished a new game? It’s called Scrooge the Cat, and it’s a vaguely holiday-themed platforming/philanthropy game that I created for Ludum Dare. Features include a story mode with animated cutscenes, a randomizer mode, a boss fight, pixelated cat people, and 8-bit remixes of public domain Christmas music. People seem to like it! Maybe you will as well? Worth investigating, I say.

On a similar note… I noticed some people discussing ideas for a Badnix game in the comments recently. Did you know that there’s been a Badnix game already? And that it was also a full-fledged holiday special? Worth investigating, I say again.

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