Kurm Frog Teach ABC!

The final version of my new game, Kurm Frog Teach ABC, is now available to play for free on itch.io!

The game is a physics-based visual novel (that is literally the best description I can think of) in which you control an education-minded frog puppet who just wants to teach children ABC. Along the way you’ll encounter math problems, celebrity basketball tournaments, harmful vegetables… oh! And there is a monster at the end of the game.

I created Kurm Frog for the 2017 Awfuljams competition (which it won!) and I’ve been polishing it for a public release over the past month. It’s hard to talk about the game without giving too much away, but it’s something I’ve worked really hard on & am really excited about! If you like my comics work or my other games work, I think you’ll like it for sure. So make sure you give it a try!

…or else.

2 responses to “Kurm Frog Teach ABC!”

  1. gir says:

    I like the game, but I think I hate the gameplay. Does that make sense? Like, I struggled through it just to win, but then I saw two more costumes left to unlock and could not go through again.

  2. Proffesor L says:

    Heil Ernie!

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