Happy Halloween!

Some assorted vaguely Halloween-related news…

I did some art for volume 2 of the Songs from Mt. Ebott Undertale fan album project, which should be releasing later tonight! If you’re a fan of Undertale, or my art, or some combination of the two, that is a thing that’s worth checking out.

Pachinko Man, my point-and-click adventure game, just turned 2 years old! Perfect time to go and play it if you haven’t already. Gotta brush up in time for the release of Pachinko Man 2: Secret of the Ooze!

Also, I made a playlist of Halloween-type chiptunes over on my ridiculous Soundcloud account! Throw out your “Spooky Sounds Vol. 3” cassette tape, folks, THESE are the fresh jams trick-or-treaters can’t get enough of.

Anyway, happy Halloween! I’d give you all a fun-sized Milky Way bar and a pack of Sixlets if I could.

One response to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. pakopako says:

    A short album, but pretty faithful to their source material.
    I’m not sure if this is a dated reference, but they’re kind like an easy-listening version of some of combatdave or markus schrodt’s words.

    -=Pako “Because bustin’ makes me… wanna have fun” Pako=-

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