Future Perry & Future Stories

The Halloween story is over! Y’know, on account of it’s November.

If you were confused by Future Perry abruptly showing up at the end there… I mean, that’s kind of the point, but you might glean a sliver of extra context from revisiting his first appearance, back in 2014. Maybe he should get a slot on the cast page the next time I update it. (Do future selves count as separate characters?)

Now that I’ve cooled my jets a bit with a Wee Tiny Story, I guess it’s time to move on to another Quite Large One. I’m probably going to take another week or so to make sure I have it plotted out to my liking, but if that ends up being the case I’ll make sure to post one-off comics & extras to fill in the gap. So, stay tuned for… whatever the next story is!

(HINT: it’s the next part in the Sluri tournament saga)

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