End of Chapter!

Yes, today’s page is the end of How To Play. Yes, that is the note we’re going out on. I know this story was pretty different, but I’m really proud of it and I think it was important. It’s important to me, at least, to keep a bead on the humanity of my dumb monster characters amidst all the fantasy adventuring and terrible puns.

Speaking of fantasy adventuring and terrible puns – you can look forward to both in the next story! Which starts next week!


Yeah, no break this time, we’re plunging right into the next story. It’s a good one also! You’ll like it! If you read it! (Which you should!)

2 responses to “End of Chapter!”

  1. pakopako says:

    Boo, hiss!

    I really wanted this tale to be longer; at 15 pages, it’s a lot longer than the previous interlude (8-strips and a page); it’s almost chapter-sized! (There were way too many call-backs for this to feel like events from this are going to be referenced in the immediate future.)

    The feel of these past 15 strips were like a different canon (like when Cerebus’ went “darker and edgier”… except Dave Sim forgot to jump back) and could be made into their own continuity without affecting the events of “the present” (being an Enemy). I might be in the minority, but I do feel like “Lil’ Badnix”, “Badnix 90210”, and “Badnix Sabbatical: Starring Slurri” could be their own books.

    Of course, that scope might not be tenable — fleshing out every nook and cranny of your creations (see: Pseudonym’s “Can I Be Drawn Better”) is a full-time job (see: Rich Burlew, Jeph Jacques, Gisèle Lagacé/Dave Lumsdon) — but dammit, these guys are fun to follow.

    -=Pako “TVtropesMadeMeEvil” Pako=-

    Of course, if we’re going back to chasing Kevin, I’m looking forward to bold moments like this — http://www.badnix.com/comic/panic-puppet-zone/

    • clay says:

      Thanks Pako! Really gratifying to get a thoughtful comment like this.

      I’m extremely wary of doing the Dave Sim thing (too many webcomics have tried and failed horribly), but don’t worry, I’m not going to brush the deep stuff under the rug and focus on Tetris Attack puns for the next ~100 pages. The thing I like about this story is that I managed to have fun and be silly while still having a tether to something kind of real and meaningful. I want to try to keep that going.

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