6 responses to “Success Story”

  1. Thatonesungod says:

    Have we seen this character before, looks like perry’s sister

    • clay says:

      She is a reporter who shows up infrequently reporting on the Badnix (see: the beginning of the Reign of Chaos story)

      • pakopako says:

        Channel64 news! Tune in… or get out!

        -=Pako “Project Reality” Pako=-

        The best news… it’s worth the wait!
        The news you can trust… or else!
        It’s ratings are up-up-up-up!

  2. pakopako says:

    Oh, and wanted to compliment the last panel for that “end of stage” art.


  3. Lordomi says:

    Is that Mike from Kirby on the 5th panel?

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