Kirby & Kurm Frog!

ANARCHY IN DREAMLAND! This is an excerpt of a piece I did for the Kirby Charity Zine. You can pick up a digital or physical copy of the zine over here – and you really should, because A) all profits from the zine goes to Meals on Wheels, and B) the art in there is REALLY REALLY GOOD. Check it out!

Also (and you know this already if you follow me on the Social Medias) – I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON A NEW GAME! It’s called Kurm Frog Teach ABC, and if you’ve enjoyed other games I’ve worked on (like Pachinko Man), you… might enjoy this one too? I DON’T KNOW!

I’m trying to avoid giving too many details away about the game because I want people to be surprised when they play it, but trust me when I say YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH A NOODLY-ARMED FROG SOMETIME IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO!

Cover Art!

In case you couldn’t tell, last week closed off the space-type adventures of the Badnix in Future World. I’m hoping to have the next set of comics ready to kick off sometime next week, but in the meantime – have another thing!


It’s a little title page I (retroactively) made for the Dinosaur Planet story. Available in wallpaper form, also, if you’re into that kind of thing. I won’t judge!

If I get a chance I’d love to go back and make these for a bunch of stories and float ’em back into the archives.

Happy Halloween!


Or should I say… SCARY HOWLSPOOKMEAN?! MUA HA HA! No, of course I shouldn’t.

Anyway, I wanted to mention We Don’t Go There At Night – it’s a vaguely Halloween-themed comic anthology, featuring some work from myself, and it just went live! Everybody involved got assigned one of two blocks of text, and were set loose to interpret that text pretty much however they wanted. You can read the whole thing online for free over here, or you can download the very lovely PDF edition.

My weird little vignette starts around here, but please poke around the rest of it too! It’s pretty cool to see all the crazy creative rivulets branching out from the same starting point.

Welp, that’s all I’ve got. Have a good night everybody! I’m gonna spend my Halloween like I always do: watching some scary flicks and eating an irresponsible amount of candy! (READ: a single fun-size Milky Way Bar, three minutes of a Treehouse of Horror segment on Youtube)

– CC