Future Perry & Future Stories

The Halloween story is over! Y’know, on account of it’s November.

If you were confused by Future Perry abruptly showing up at the end there… I mean, that’s kind of the point, but you might glean a sliver of extra context from revisiting his first appearance, back in 2014. Maybe he should get a slot on the cast page the next time I update it. (Do future selves count as separate characters?)

Now that I’ve cooled my jets a bit with a Wee Tiny Story, I guess it’s time to move on to another Quite Large One. I’m probably going to take another week or so to make sure I have it plotted out to my liking, but if that ends up being the case I’ll make sure to post one-off comics & extras to fill in the gap. So, stay tuned for… whatever the next story is!

(HINT: it’s the next part in the Sluri tournament saga)

Return of the Lil’ Badnix!

Young Rog and Chibi Perry have returned! We first saw the li’l forms of these characters back in 2011 for the first Badnix Halloween story, and they popped up again for a time travel story in 2014. Now they’re back… for yet another Halloween story! Should be fun.

Note that, chronologically, this story takes place after all Li’l Badnix content seen to date – if they seem younger it’s because I’m actually trying to draw them visibly younger, instead of just like, making Rog’s legs shorter. (Note also that the chronological placement of this one-off holiday story probably doesn’t matter at all.)

Story Mode = Over!

Whew, finally came to the close of another story! I’ve gotta admit, it wound up being tougher than I thought to get the hang of a Kelly & Metafoblin-centric story. Having said that, few things have brought me more joy than bringing Evil Kevin into world. (Will he show up again before the Haunted Ghost of Cap’n Redgebeard? Taking bets in the comments section!)

Anyway, I’ve really been jonesing to get back to simpler stuff and characters I feel more at home with… aaand I’m going to do that! Starting next week we’re going to take a little mini-story detour for some good ol’ fashioned Rog & Perry monkeyshines. Also it will be Halloween themed, on account of I love Halloween so dearly and can’t resist drawing stuff related to it in October. So, that’s going to be a thing! Beware! Take care!