Cast (2015)

The Badnix

  • Rog

    Full Name: Thomas Rogthaniel Maton III

    Leader of the Badnix

    Mini-Boss of Wood World

    Lowly stage enemy who climbed the ranks. Now the face of the war effort against the nefarious enemy-stomping Kevin. A walking ball of idealism & anxiety.

  • Perry

    Full Name: Perry Boltcrusher

    Rog's oldest, least trustworthy friend. Has a checkered past that left him with a criminal record and a vendetta against robots. Kind of a jerk!

  • Arika

    Full Name: Arika Nidd

    Lead Strategist

    A brilliant young enemy raised from birth to be a maniacal supervillain. Formerly Rogs rival, now more of a friendly nemesis.

  • Sluri

    Lvl. 50 Black Mage

    A shapeshifting wizard, the team's MVP. Her homeworld was destroyed by Kevin in an attack that left her with permanent magical injuries. Possibly dating Ted.

  • Ted

    Full Name: Theodore R36Y

    Team Medic

    Formerly a simple medical robot, his unassuming programming hides a cunning, resourceful fighter. Seems to be dating Sluri.

  • Darrk

    Full Name: Darrkus Badfang

    Real Name: ???

    A brooding vampire assassin with amnesia, a cool sword, and a dark past. Also an incompetent poseur.

  • Rose

    Full Name: Rose Waters

    Junior Naval Combat Officer

    Rog's #1 fangirl. One of a dozen or so enemies Rog has hired since hitting the big time.

Kevin & Co.

  • Kevin

    Player One

    Blisteringly dim human who crossed dimensions to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. Seems to be collecting a lot of treasure & butchering a lot of enemies along the way.

  • Hud

    Talking Animal Sidekick

    Kevin's companion and guide. Secretly a powerful entity who is controlling Kevin to destroy the worlds the Badnix call home, for reasons yet unknown.

  • Dr. Mittens

    Baby dinosaur who Kevin has adopted as a pet/mount/second-string animal buddy. Can only say the word "YOKOI", but this is definitely NOT her name.

The Power Council

  • King Metafoblin

    Final Boss

    Boss of Dark World

    Head of the Power Council

    Surprisingly chill tyrannical overlord. Set off the current war by kidnapping Kevin's girlfriend, which led to the Badnix driving him into exile. Currently plotting his revenge.

  • Charlotte

    Full Name: Charlotte Nidd

    Boss of Ghost World

    Councilor of Secrets

    A sinister spymaster & close supporter of the King. Arika is her daughter; the two have had a falling out since Arika threw her support in with the Badnix.

  • Alien Master

    Boss of Future World

    Councilor of Science

    Another boss from a powerful world who secretly supports the King. Master of cutting-edge science & technology. Surprisingly sassy for an alien cyborg.

  • Lord Kimogo

    Boss of Cave World

    Councilor of Caves

    A sycophantic giant lizard with his claws on the pulse of the realm's natural resources. KIMOGO DISLIKES SMOKE!!

Misc. Allies & Enemies

  • Kelly

    Kevin's captive girlfriend, the face who launched a thousand airships. Still being held by the King. Has not been seen in a troublingly long time.

  • Mr. Fir

    Boss of Wood World

    A tree with a face, formerly Rog's boss. Runs his under-funded world with a certain jaded, seen-it-all apathy, but ultimately he's a decent guy.

  • Thomas Maton I

    Legendary Enemy

    Rog's idolized grandfather, a member of the King's vanguard during the Arcade Wars. Lingers as a ghost so that his (very outdated) wisdom might benefit future generations.

  • Tom Maton Jr.

    Ace Attorney

    Rog's father, a lawyer who defends enemies injured on the job. Has a major chip on his shoulder about his father's (and son's) adventuresome careers.

  • Wave King

    Boss of Beach World

    A crusty sea captain. May also be the warden of a sunken labyrinth and a genius inventor. Definitely crusty, though.

  • Cap'n Redgebeard

    A corporate-minded pirate from Beach World who has crossed cutlasses with the Badnix more than once. His body may or may not be ready.

  • Turner Page

    Undercover Agent

    Formerly a junior Badnix member. Eventually found to be a spy planted by Charlotte Nidd to gather info on the Badnix.

  • Alloy

    Lv. ?? Black Mage

    Mysterious slime wizard who studied under the same master as Sluri. Served as the King's understudy, and may have deliberately allowed his & Sluri's homeworld to be destroyed. Currently AWOL.

  • Marigold Boltcrusher

    Perry's little sister, who he looked after when they were both orphaned. Rarely spoken of.

  • Chief McCloud

    Chief of Imperial Police

    Doggedly by-the-book police chief with a score to settle against both the Bug Mob and Perry's family.

  • Bug Mob

    Crime family that used to cause trouble during the Beta Age. Former members include Perry's parents (who were killed in a gang conflict), and Perry himself (who joined to destroy the organization from inside). Most remaining members are robots, hardcoded to remain loyal to the group, and the bugs themselves, strange little nuisances with the power to cause slowdown, clip through walls, etc.

  • NPCs

    Village-dwellers who speak in badly-translated English and sell items to passers by. Neutral parties in the war with Kevin.