• Rog

    Rog had high hopes for his career as an enemy! Turned out the day-to-day of it was mostly just walking back and forth on platforms and guarding coins. Still, when Kevin attacked, it was Rog’s belief that enemies could be heroes that wound up making the tiny, harmless Rog kind of a hero himself.

    These days, Rog heads up a team of enemies called the Badnix. They travel from World to World, helping other enemies combat the bops and ground-pounds of the nefarious Kevin.

    His full name – “Thomas Rogthaniel Maton III” – comes from his grandfather, a legendary hero in the Arcade Wars. Rog dreams of living up to his grandpa’s legacy, and is kind of constantly freaking out about failing to do so.

  • Perry Boltcrusher

    Rog’s oldest and least trustworthy friend. Amoral, apathetic, and prone to thievery, Perry is mostly a member of the Badnix due to the wide berth Rog gives him to be incredibly lazy. Despite all of this, he’s unfailingly loyal and has a frustrating habit of being useful.

    When Perry was young, his parents met a terrible fate in an incident that left him with his trademark lack of respect for authority figures and basically everyone else who isn’t him. The particulars also left him with kind of a phobia of robots, which he takes out on Ted.

    Perry is a Para-Foblin, which is kind of like a goblin with wings. Scholars continue to earnestly debate why this is a thing.

  • Arika Nidd

    Raised from birth to be a ruthless leader, Arika debuted on the enemy scene as a brilliant, calculating, and merciless… 16-year-old intern. With EVERYTHING TO PROVE!

    Arika and Rog used to be bitter rivals. She’s still kind of a miniature super-villain, but joining up with the Badnix softened her up a lot. Her self-absorbed megalomaniacal rants are very nearly tolerable now.

    Her mother, Charlotte Nidd, is the merciless boss of Ghost World, and queen to the brutal, cannibalistic race known as the Spidelings. So Arika could’ve turned out a little worse, I guess. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  • Sluri

    In a world ruled by dragons and warlocks, Sluri was born a humble slime. A slime obsessed! With being the very best! The best there EVER was.

    In her quest to prove herself, Sluri trained, grinded, and leveled herself up into a powerful wizard! She wound up joining the Badnix, her magic and shape-shifting powers giving her an easy shot at the MVP spot.

    Sadly, a battle with Kevin wiped out Sluri’s homeworld, and left her with permanent injuries. She’s still trying to figure out exactly where that leaves her. In the meantime, she’s keeping her chin up, and – naturally – getting stronger.

  • Darrk Badfang

    The resident vampire of the Badnix team. Darrk is so one with the darkness, he is practically named after it. Is Darrk an assassin? Some sort of ninja? Does he have amnesia? Just what IS his secret past? These are only a few of the questions fanfic authors have raised.

    The dark, horrible truth: behind Darrk’s stony facade there are exactly zero hidden depths. He’s just kind of a dumb, shallow poseur coasting by on the free coolness points you get from being a vampire.

    Has noted weaknesses for J-pop fashions, cute animals, and imported sweets. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen him actually drinking blood.

  • Ted

    Ted originally showed up to volunteer as medical officer for the Badnix, but as it turned out that his perfect silicon robot-brain made him smarter than everyone else, he’s wound up as more of a general consultory figure. Typically seen at Rog’s side, helping to make the tough calls.

    Despite this, his quiet, self-effacing nature tends to make him fade into the background. When asked, Perry described Ted as “basically a toaster, minus the raw emotional intensity and with a less interesting backstory”.

    Seems to have a special bond with Sluri.

  • The Badnix

    Following a squishy lil’ tomato-man into battle against the greatest danger your world has ever known? That’s a tough sell. Rog had a pretty rough time filling the ranks of the Badnix early on – but that all changed once enemies started getting wise to the fact that Kevin can actually be defeated. These days, enemies from all different Worlds serve at Rog’s beck and call.

    The newest recruit is Rose Waters, an panic-prone Kappa from Beach World who happens to be Rog’s #1 fangirl. There’s also, like, a scissor guy, a little clockwork man with one eye, a book with a face… I dunno, I’m sure they all have clever pun names that we’ll find out during the Staff Roll.

  • Kevin

    The hero of any story but this one. Athletic, upbeat, and blisteringly dim, Kevin invaded the Foblin Empire in order to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. And then he got kind of sidetracked collecting coins, tracking down secret treasure, playing mini-games… you know how it goes.

    Kevin’s brawn and arsenal of lethal power-ups makes him an absolute terror to the enemies – but Kevin doesn’t seem to notice all the destruction he’s causing. He’s just having fun.

    You know, it’s strange. It almost seems like someone is… controlling Kevin, sometimes… hey, wait a second, what’s with the cat riding around in his backpack?

  • Hud

    Hey, listen! Hud the Talking Cat’s the name, and helping out Kevin’s his claim to fame. He’s always popping up to hand Kevin some high-powered explosive, or point out the weakness of an enemy boss, or explain how many hundreds of enemies Kevin needs to massacre in order to earn a Bonus 1-Up.

    When Kevin’s not looking, Hud takes on a darker aspect, relishing in the suffering Kevin puts the enemies through and prophesying their final destruction. I don’t think that’s normal for cats, but then again neither is the act of speech.

    Who is Hud? Why is he traveling with Kevin? Perhaps we will learn, in time.

  • Dr. Mittens

    A baby dinosaur that imprinted on Kevin while he was rampaging through Dino World. She doesn’t seem to really understand anything going on around her, but she’s pretty good at following Kevin’s lead, and it seems he’s adopted her as his trusty/disposable steed.

    The only word he can say is the name “YOKOI”, which is unfortunate because Kevin decided to name him “Dr. Mittens” instead, on account of it’s adorable.

    Fun fact: Dr. Mittens may be either male or female! Nobody has bothered to check. Perhaps, like some species of West African frog, she can change sex at will.

  • King Metafoblin

    The Final Boss! This vastly powerful dark sorceror shaped the world(s) the enemies live in, and has reigned as their leader for centuries. And then he… kidnapped Kevin’s girlfriend. And goaded him into trying to rescue her. Who even does that?

    In the end, it was Rog who blew the whistle on the King’s culpability in Kevin’s rampages. This didn’t do much for his approval ratings. He’s currently hiding in the shadows from his detractors, licking his wounds.

    The King’s been around long enough that everyone takes him for granted, but there’s a lot about him we don’t know… like why he constantly appears in silhouette despite everyone knowing exactly who he is.

  • Charlotte Nidd

    The Boss of Ghost World, and perhaps the second most powerful enemy in the realm. Charlotte is a necromancer, able to bend the souls of the dead to her whim – a talent she’s used to build a vast spy network of poltergeists. She tends to prefer guile and manipulation to outright conflict. Chances are, if something shady and suspicious happens, she’s had a hand in it.

    Charlotte is King Metafoblin’s biggest supporter – and when Rog knocked him down a peg, she lost a whole heap of face. If there wasn’t bad blood between Nidd and the Badnix before, there sure as heck is now.