Badnix Returns!

As I mentioned in the last blog post, the 600th comic (i.e. the one that was posted today) is something kind of special – it’s an extended remake of the very first comic ever!! This is also the first time Kelly, Kevin’s girlfriend and ostensibly the person who set the plot of the comic into motion, has had an on-panel speaking part since 2011! A sign of things to come, perhaps.

Sorry this story took so long to get started – I was & continue to be buried under a truly unprecedented volume of deadlines! I’ll do my best to keep the regular updates coming, but there’s definitely still a chance that my head will dip under the waters of Not Badnix Work® again here and there. As always, your patience is appreciated. [insert string of grateful emojis here]

3 responses to “Badnix Returns!”

  1. Proffesor L says:

    Maybe time to update the cast page? Sawdust, Rivalia, and PC aren’t there yet, and it still says we haven’t seen Kelly in a long time. Something to do if you have time.

  2. pakopako says:

    I look forward to seeing a timeline being assembled. This strip has been here for 6 years (to the day… beginning of next month) and the cast has been bouncing around since Star Wars, so I’m not even sure how time progresses relative to even Kevin’s reality.

    -=Pako “Jigglewatts” Pako=-

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