Badnix Back – Alright!

You all probably thought I was dead, huh? Well BEWARE, COWARDS – I LIVE! And I’m bringing you a brand new Badnix storyline. With zero warning. WHAT NOW, FOOLS.

Q. Where the heck have you been?
A: I’ve been keeping busy with pretty much exactly the stuff I said I was going to be working on after the last Badnix arc ended… finishing up the game I started 2 years ago, trying to improve my art, doing all kinds of planning for the next Badnix arc.

Q. How come you’ve been so quiet?
A: Ahhh, sorry about this! I know, I did promise you’d see occasional comics and blog posts and I haven’t delivered on that at all. It’s just, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching with regards to the future of the comic, and every time I’d come up with a one-off idea I’d ask myself, “is this in line with the direction I want Badnix to head? Is this just going to distract me away from the World 3 arc?” Not a lot has made it through the filter. UNTIL TODAY!

Q. Wait a sec, is this storyline “World 3”?
A: Not… really? The current story started off as kind of a throwaway filler idea, but it’s kind of evolved into its own thing that is VERY much a piece with some ideas that will drive the next arc. It’s gonna surprise you.

Q. So when does World 3 drop?
A: The plan (entirely subject to change!) is to kick things off in August, just in time for the comic’s 3rd birthday!

A: Like I said, lot of soul-searching going on over here! When Badnix makes its “official” return, I want it to be absolute best product I can deliver. I want every single page to be polished and awesome! I want the site to be a joy to spend time on, packed with cool little side features. But most importantly, I want to return to a place of creating the comic from a place of just having fun with it, rather than stressing over just getting it out there.

But yeah. Sorry about leaving you guys hanging for so long! I will try not to ever do that again.

4 responses to “Badnix Back – Alright!”

  1. megazver says:

    oh no not more story oh no

  2. pakopako says:

    Wait, so the Lard Room is completed?


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