New Cast Page!!

The comic’s cast page has been totally rehauled & massively expanded! Give it the ol’ looksee the next time you’re struggling to remember who ‘Lord Kimogo’ is, or whether or not the tomato man is friends with the sarcastic blue guy.

Now look, I liked the old cast page a lot. But upkeep on it was kind of tough! And really, I figure most people click over to a ‘cast’ page because they want to quickly find out who a character is, not to sift through paragraphs of jokes and backstory. So, that’s what the new cast page is geared towards.

By the way, don’t go snooping in the cast page trying to figure out who’s going to be important in future comics! Maybe I threw some curveballs in there to throw you off the scent. Maybe Dinofrog and Gil the Fish still have a shot at becoming pivotal characters. Who can say!

Mystery Button!

I’m back! Over the past month, in addition to working on some new comics (!!!), I also took some time to work on a couple of new features for the site. First up – the brand new MYSTERY BUTTON. See it floating there underneath every comic, pregnant with portents of the unknown? What could it possibly signify? Dare you click it and find out…?

Okay, it’s just a button that display’s the comic’s alt text, for use on touchscreen-type devices. I’ve had some requests (read: exactly one request) for this and I thought it was worth doing. Now you can enjoy extra jokes and inane commentary about each comic, on the go~

Anyway. More stuff in this vein will be coming very very soon!

Badnix returns 6/22!!

Been a while, right? Hey, I said new comics would come back in June! I had to abuse that wiggle room for all it’s worth.

In any case the next Badnix story, CHAIN OF MEMORIES, will finally start on Monday. You will like it! I think it will benefit from the extra time it got to spend in the oven.

I have a few other lil’ announcements to make, but I think I’ll save those for next week. Stay tuned, True Badnix-lievers! (That’s what you’re called, now.)

Badnix returns in June!

Yeah, we’re taking a lil’ break! Hopefully a pretty short one. Regular weekly comics should resume sometime early next month – in the meantime, you can probably check my Tweetzone Social Media-type Account for updates, and maybe some news about other stuff I’m working on. If you’re into those kinds of things.

And when we do come back, the CHAOS STAR SAGA is gonna kick off in earnest – a slew of fast-paced, crazy stories that I’ve been dying to finally get around to. New worlds will be explored! Old questions will be answered! Maybe Kevin and Hud will do a thing? IT’S A DISTINCT POSSIBILITY!