Shovel Knight!

Shovel Knight is the best. For those who don’t know, somehow, it’s a Kickstarter-ed retro indie game that came out a few weeks ago. And unlike the vast majority of retro indie games, “retro” was not used as a code word for “sloppy graphics we drew in MS Paint over the weekend”. Totally brilliant game, and it absolutely feels like it can stand shoulder to shoulder with the NES gems it harkens back to.

My favorite bit of Shovel Knight was the “Order of No Quarter”, the oddly themed confederation of knights you fight at the end of each stage. What is it about bosses like the Koopa Kids or the robot masters from Mega Man that makes their names and designs stick in your head, years after you’ve put down the game? No idea, but these guys have that in spades.

Anyway, I’ve done some art of them and I thought I’d share it with you -

shovelknight shovelknight2

I’ve been trying to get in the habit of finishing more of my non-Badnix doodles and posting them on my tumblr. So, if that at all interests you, give it a look!

- CC

Unto the future!

And so this weird little troll-ish mini-story draws to a close. Not with a bang, but with a zorch. That’s a laser sound, I think? Anyway, I hope exactly None of your questions have been answered. That is sort of what I’m going for, here.

Still going to try and shoot for the relaunch sometime in early August! In any case I’ll try to keep posting new stuff here when I can. It may or may not be very interesting stuff, but I WILL PROVE MY CONTINUED EXISTENCE DAMMIT.

‘Til the future,

Badnix Back – Alright!

You all probably thought I was dead, huh? Well BEWARE, COWARDS – I LIVE! And I’m bringing you a brand new Badnix storyline. With zero warning. WHAT NOW, FOOLS.

Q. Where the heck have you been?
A: I’ve been keeping busy with pretty much exactly the stuff I said I was going to be working on after the last Badnix arc ended… finishing up the game I started 2 years ago, trying to improve my art, doing all kinds of planning for the next Badnix arc.

Q. How come you’ve been so quiet?
A: Ahhh, sorry about this! I know, I did promise you’d see occasional comics and blog posts and I haven’t delivered on that at all. It’s just, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching with regards to the future of the comic, and every time I’d come up with a one-off idea I’d ask myself, “is this in line with the direction I want Badnix to head? Is this just going to distract me away from the World 3 arc?” Not a lot has made it through the filter. UNTIL TODAY!

Q. Wait a sec, is this storyline “World 3″?
A: Not… really? The current story started off as kind of a throwaway filler idea, but it’s kind of evolved into its own thing that is VERY much a piece with some ideas that will drive the next arc. It’s gonna surprise you.

Q. So when does World 3 drop?
A: The plan (entirely subject to change!) is to kick things off in August, just in time for the comic’s 3rd birthday!

A: Like I said, lot of soul-searching going on over here! When Badnix makes its “official” return, I want it to be absolute best product I can deliver. I want every single page to be polished and awesome! I want the site to be a joy to spend time on, packed with cool little side features. But most importantly, I want to return to a place of creating the comic from a place of just having fun with it, rather than stressing over just getting it out there.

But yeah. Sorry about leaving you guys hanging for so long! I will try not to ever do that again.

World 3: Things To Come

Like I said in the last post, plans for the next Badnix arc are still in their infancy – but I do have enough of an idea, in broad strokes, of where the comic is headed to feel super excited about it! I thought I’d share a few choice spoilers with you guys to help tide you over ’til it rolls around.

  • Less plot, more fun. This is the big one for me. Story-driven webcomics tend to disappear up their own posteriors after a while, and I worry Badnix has been a little guilty of this last season. I’m not going to ditch the continuity and start drawing Garfield or anything, but I’m hoping to refocus on the funny videogame pastiches and just having fun with the characters. Perhaps less so on the politics and world mechanics.
  • World 3 will be a new jumping on point for readers, just like World 1 was. We’ll build on a lot of what came before, and answer a lot of open questions, but it’ll also be the start of an entirely new story.
  • The role of the Badnix themselves is going to change – and in a way that brings us closer than ever to the core premise of the comic. (Ooh, cryptic!)
  • King (?) Metafoblin’s role is going to change a bit, too. In a very fun way.
  • Kelly will stop being such a dang narrative device and will actually show up in a storyline or two.
  • You will meet some of Rog’s family! Perhaps one of Perry’s relatives, too.
  • All of your questions about Hud will finally be answered. Yes, all of them. Sooner than you think.
  • Dinosaurs. They will figure prominently. In the comic.
  • Spaceships. You will see a few of these, too.
  • Dinosaurs driving spaceships. This will not happen, ever. You will feel ashamed for even having thought of it. Ashamed!

Again, though, this is all still very much in the air. If you guys have thoughts or ideas of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments! (Keep in mind that the dinosaurs are non-negotiable.)