Merry Badnix-mas

Hope you’re all having a good holiday-type season! We’ll be taking a week off from new comics, buuut I do have some fun seasonal things to share!

Did you know I just finished a new game? It’s called Scrooge the Cat, and it’s a vaguely holiday-themed platforming/philanthropy game that I created for Ludum Dare. Features include a story mode with animated cutscenes, a randomizer mode, a boss fight, pixelated cat people, and 8-bit remixes of public domain Christmas music. People seem to like it! Maybe you will as well? Worth investigating, I say.

On a similar note… I noticed some people discussing ideas for a Badnix game in the comments recently. Did you know that there’s been a Badnix game already? And that it was also a full-fledged holiday special? Worth investigating, I say again.

World Warriors 2!

The tournament story is back! It’s been a while, so remember to check the recent recap for extra context – or go back in the archives and read part 1 again! (Time permitting.)

Part 1 was sort of our chance to ease into this new corner of the Badniverse – Part 2 is where we get to start cutting loose and having fun with all the fighting and dumb new characters. There will be plot and story also! But it will be really goofy and visually fun and littered with bad puns. So I’m excited about that! Hopefully you will be also.

New Cast Page!

Well, people have been prodding me for this for ages, and I’ve finally gotten around to it – the cast page has officially been updated! Featuring updated character art, about 10 new characters, and the ability to click on any character profile to be taken back to whatever poorly drawn comic from 5 years ago they originally had a notable role in.

I did excise a few characters whose time in the spotlight seems to have passed. Could you, in fact, triangulate future spoilers about the comic based on which old characters I’ve left in the mix, as well as other miscellaneous details I’ve slipped in? Probably! Or maybe I’ll blindside all of you and do a year-long story about Chilliam Faulkner and the Ghost of Dinofrog. You never know!

Anyway, actual comic-type updates should hopefully be returning next week. Stay tuned!

Future Perry & Future Stories

The Halloween story is over! Y’know, on account of it’s November.

If you were confused by Future Perry abruptly showing up at the end there… I mean, that’s kind of the point, but you might glean a sliver of extra context from revisiting his first appearance, back in 2014. Maybe he should get a slot on the cast page the next time I update it. (Do future selves count as separate characters?)

Now that I’ve cooled my jets a bit with a Wee Tiny Story, I guess it’s time to move on to another Quite Large One. I’m probably going to take another week or so to make sure I have it plotted out to my liking, but if that ends up being the case I’ll make sure to post one-off comics & extras to fill in the gap. So, stay tuned for… whatever the next story is!

(HINT: it’s the next part in the Sluri tournament saga)