Worsenix 2 & Pachinko Man News!

HAPPY FOOLS DAY! In classic Badnix tradition, we’re recycling a joke checking in with The Worsenix, a fan favorite supergroup from Foolsdays past. Maybe it’s an annual thing now? Could be! Keep those cards and letters coming, Worsenix fans.

I probably would’ve prepared a more elaborate Foolsdays Prank for today (or possibly, like, an actual comic), but frankly I’ve been pretty swamped working on updating my game Pachinko Man – which has just received a MASSIVE rehaul! You can read more about that over here! And you should. GO DO THAT NOW!

Nintendo & DeNa Games We’ll Probably See


It’s finally happening! After months of speculation, the venerable console titan Nintendo (Mario, Zelda) is partnering with Japanese mobile games giant DeNa (Cupcake Maker, Ant Smasher) to bring their classic properties to tablets and mobile devices. At last, you’ll be able to play Mario on your cell phone – without needing to waste practically dozens of seconds tracking down an emulator!

Fans of Nintendo’s profit margins everywhere are already hailing this as a triumph – but what will these Nintendo/DeNa collaborations actually look like? I thought I’d make some educated guesses. Let me know in the comments if you have your own ideas!

Super Mario Swipe Pipes
Swipe right on your screen to watch Mario and Luigi run and jump through a charming platformer level – just like in the classic games you cherish! And give your game a “1-Up” by purchasing extra powerups and lives for Mario any time, through a convenient in-app storefront. Just think of paying 99 cents to get Mario to jump a little higher!

Hyrule RPG Champion Defense
It’s dangerous to go alone – take this! Choose a beloved character from the classic Zelda series and defend your kingdom from an onslaught of invaders. Spend Rupees to upgrade your defenses, discover items, and unlock new characters. Will you be the “Top Zelda”?

Donkey Kong Tropics Tapper
Tap the screen repeatedly and watch Donkey Kong clamber through an exotic land! This famous gaming mascot needs a healthy diet of bananas every day to keep exploring, so if you’re running low, remember to stop by the convenient in-app storefront and purchase some more.

Pokemon Social Silver
It’s a brand new Pokemon adventure for a new generation! Capture all your favorite characters from the unforgettable game and anime series, then raise their battle power by sharing the game with friends on Facebook. Will you be your social circle’s “Pokemon Prof.”?

Nintendogs: Take a Walk!
This cute and cuddly virtual pet will teach young cell phone owners how to responsibly care for a pet, as their furry companion grows more emaciated and despondent every hour they fail to purchase new in-app dog food. Marginally less expensive than owning a real animal!

F-Zero: Speed Unleashed
Show me your moves! Choose a racer from the cult hit F-Zero series and defend your race track from an onslaught of invaders. Spend Falcon Points to upgrade your defenses, discover items, and unlock new characters. Will you be the “Grand Prix”?

Pikmin Petal Plucker
Mix and match all your tiny friends from the Pikmin series in this vibrant and imaginative puzzle game! Purchase oxygen for Captain Olimar’s space suit in the convenient in-app storefront or he will die of asphyxiation on an alien world.

Warioware, Inc. Mega Microtransactions
Single-minded shareholders have pressured Wario’s microgame studio into entering the mobile game business! Use the convenient in-app storefront to purchase new ways to scam customers into buying the same game over and over.

Metroid Freedom
In the latest installment of the legendary action game series, the Space Pirate empire attacks Samus Aran at home, jamming her suit’s frequency with an array of in-app advertisements. Watch your way through hours of sponsored content to foil Master Brain’s plot!

Earthbound Tower Defense Game
Strange, funny, and lucrative! Choose a Ness from the timeless Earthbound series and defend your race track from an onslaught of invaders. Spend Mr. Saturn points to upgrade your defenses, discover items, and unlock new characters. Will you be the “Franklin Badge”?

Cover Art!

In case you couldn’t tell, last week closed off the space-type adventures of the Badnix in Future World. I’m hoping to have the next set of comics ready to kick off sometime next week, but in the meantime – have another thing!


It’s a little title page I (retroactively) made for the Dinosaur Planet story. Available in wallpaper form, also, if you’re into that kind of thing. I won’t judge!

If I get a chance I’d love to go back and make these for a bunch of stories and float ‘em back into the archives.

Valentine’s Cards!

Looking for a way to tell your “special someone” how you feel with obscure internet ephemera? Well, friends, you could do worse than this year’s OFFICIALLY LICENSED Badnix & Pachinko Man Valentine’s Cards. Guaranteed to never be taken the wrong way by anyone, ever.

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