Comments: Actually fixed now?

Okay, you know how I said the comments system was working again? Apparently what I meant by that was “still extra-broken, in entirely new and exciting ways”. They should be fixed now, though! I hope! Please leave a comment or two if you get the chance so I’ll know I can rest easy.

(Yes, there is probably some cosmic irony in the fact that, in the middle of a storyline about glitches, the Badnix website is repeatedly breaking down. It has been noted!)

500 Comics (& Comments Update!)


Hard to believe, but today’s page marks the 500th installment of Badnix!! Granted, the number’s a bit arbitrary – the early strip format comics count the same as full pages, I counted some bits of filler and not others, etc. – but it’s still kinda cool.

It’s also the last page of Destroy All Badnix. Who is Number? What will become of Rog and his minions? What the heck is going on, like, in general? You’ll have to wait ’til the next story for the answers! Should be coming soon, I hope.

Also! IF YOU TRIED LEAVING COMMENTS RECENTLY, you were probably getting locked out due to a broken spam filter. That should be fixed now! So please bombard me with feedback. (Big thanks to the reader who notified me about this earlier today!)

A Closer Look…

…at the second panel of today’s comic –


Hopefully that gives you a bit more of a clue to what Rog is so puzzled by.

This is one of those cases where I feel like a background detail, a hidden joke, etc. gets lost a bit once I shrink the page down to a web-resolution. I’d really like to be able to offer the comics at higher quality in some form or other – hopefully that’s something I’ll get figure out in the near future!