World 3: Things To Come

Like I said in the last post, plans for the next Badnix arc are still in their infancy – but I do have enough of an idea, in broad strokes, of where the comic is headed to feel super excited about it! I thought I’d share a few choice spoilers with you guys to help tide you over ’til it rolls around.

  • Less plot, more fun. This is the big one for me. Story-driven webcomics tend to disappear up their own posteriors after a while, and I worry Badnix has been a little guilty of this last season. I’m not going to ditch the continuity and start drawing Garfield or anything, but I’m hoping to refocus on the funny videogame pastiches and just having fun with the characters. Perhaps less so on the politics and world mechanics.
  • World 3 will be a new jumping on point for readers, just like World 1 was. We’ll build on a lot of what came before, and answer a lot of open questions, but it’ll also be the start of an entirely new story.
  • The role of the Badnix themselves is going to change – and in a way that brings us closer than ever to the core premise of the comic. (Ooh, cryptic!)
  • King (?) Metafoblin’s role is going to change a bit, too. In a very fun way.
  • Kelly will stop being such a dang narrative device and will actually show up in a storyline or two.
  • You will meet some of Rog’s family! Perhaps one of Perry’s relatives, too.
  • All of your questions about Hud will finally be answered. Yes, all of them. Sooner than you think.
  • Dinosaurs. They will figure prominently. In the comic.
  • Spaceships. You will see a few of these, too.
  • Dinosaurs driving spaceships. This will not happen, ever. You will feel ashamed for even having thought of it. Ashamed!

Again, though, this is all still very much in the air. If you guys have thoughts or ideas of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments! (Keep in mind that the dinosaurs are non-negotiable.)


World 2 Wrap-up

And with that annoying cliffhanger, the World 2 arc of Badnix comes to a close! (And as much as I hate contributing to the belief that character deaths in comics are always fake-outs – you had to know Kevin & Hud weren’t going that quietly, right?)


Rog set out to find his team of misfit enemies almost two years ago, and it’s taken them almost 250 comics to finally reach the end of their quest. That number is still crazy to me! It’s about 75% of the strips in the archive. I have to admit, I was getting a lil’ burned out following up on all these plot threads I’d planned out two years ago – back when the strip was a very different animal, mind – but overall I’m very pleased with how much the comic has grown and evolved, and even more than that I’m just overwhelmingly excited to start in on World 3.


And I could! I would like nothing more than to jump in and start the next storyline tomorrow. But! I’m not going to. In fact, regular Badnix updates are going on hiatus for a while. And the main reason is, if I look back at the problems I have with World 2, the majority of them can be chalked up to the fact that I only gave myself a week or two – during which time I was still drawing comics – to plan things out. (Example problem: the fact that it took 2 friggin’ years to get to the end of this thing!)

So I’m taking a little break. I’m going to give the plotting stage a little extra love, I’m going to really work on brushing up the weak points in my art, and yeah, I’m going to finally get around to some other projects that have been languishing for the past 2 years (which includes some non-comic Badnix stuff, I should mention). You’ll still see new comics and blog posts around these parts from time to time, but it won’t be on a schedule or part of a larger story.


With that out of the way, I just want to say: THANK YOU to everyone who had stuck by the strip, who gives me feedback or shares it with a friend or talks about it on a forum. I know y’all are out there and I appreciate all of you! If I deprive you of updates sometimes, know that it’s only ’cause I’m trying to make Badnix as good of a comic as I believe it can be.

See you soon!


P.S. Going to post a huge preview of World 3 a little later in the week – don’t go anywhere just yet!

Kelly-type Callbacks!

Mr. Fir actually found out about Kelly way way back at the beginning of the strip! It was his first appearance, actually. I’d kind of banked on everyone forgetting about this.

Oh, and the winter-themed romance that Chilliam Faulkner mentioned today? That also happened, way back in the murky era of comic strip antiquity.

You don’t really need to know these things to make sense of current goings-on (I still consider everything before the World 1 arc to be 100% optional), but I love making little connections like that. My hope is that when you go back and read through the archives, it feels a little more like a continuous, interconnected story and less like some scattershot Beetle Bailey anthology.

Speaking of stories (MASTERFUL SEGUE), we are getting very very close to the end of this one and the conclusion to the World 2 arc! About another week ought to do it. Still a lot of ground left to cover, though… stay tuned!


(P.S. note the alt text of that winter strip I linked to. DREAMS DO COME TRUE)

Valentines Cards!

To commemorate the season, I offer you these ULTRA-HIP licensed Badnix Valentine’s Day cards! Pass these out to that “special someone”, kids! (NOTE: you should probably not pass these out to anyone, particularly if they are in any way special to you)

valentines_rog valentines_ted
valentines_darrk valentines_arika