Bonus Art

I kind of really enjoyed drawing the first panel of today’s comic, so I figured I’d post a high-res non-sepia version on here as well:

While I’m at it, here’s a peek at Rog’s childhood trading card collection -


I appear to be physically incapable of drawing or uploading any comics this week. Too frustrated at the moment to say much more than “sorry” and promise a return to form come next Monday.

If it’s any consolation, you can put this week’s Badnix-times to use by checking out something else I’ve been working on.



Well, folks, we’ve made it through a year! Which, in my opinion, is way too short a length of time to get all nostalgic and self-congratulatory. I’ve still got a long way to go with this little comic o’ mine.

Still, if I’m proud of anything about Badnix, it’s that it’s a completely different strip now than it was when I started it a year ago. That doesn’t happen on its own! I have never traced or copy & pasted art, I have never backed down from drawing something because it seemed beyond my current artistic capabilities, and I have never stopped questioning and rethinking what the boundaries of the comic should be.

My process is erratic and exhausting, and it’s led to a pretty mixed bag of results. But when I compare the strips from today to the ones from a year ago, I think I can start to see it paying off.

…actually, to be perfectly honest, the REAL reason for today’s rose-colored retrospective is that I have been unfathomably busy as of late, and wasn’t able to get today’s actual comic ready on time. Next week is going to be tricky as well, although I think I’ve settled on a way to keep the site updated without breaking up the story too badly. More on that later!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with the comic! We’re finally driving towards the really great stuff I’ve had in mind since starting the comic, like meeting Arika’s mom (who, incidentally, is about to become way more interesting). Badnix’s best years are still ahead of it – count on that!

- CC