Six Season and a Movie!

Not sure how I failed to mention this already – if you’re in the LA area this weekend, you like art, and you enjoy quality television programs, you could do worse than check out the Six Seasons and a Movie art show!

It’s a tribute to Community, the fantastic television program which has ensnared the hearts of dozens. If you stop by, you might catch a glimpse of the above piece, drawn by yours truly! Also innumerable other pieces about a hundred other incredible artists. (You can ignore those if you want.)

It seems like a really fun event, besides. Check out the press release for more details!



In case any of my readers enjoy comics and old video games (and I can’t imagine why THAT would be), you might be interested in checking out the collaborative Dig Dug webcomic currently going on at ShiftyLook. It’s pretty cool stuff! And the red guy from Dig Dug looks almost exactly like Rog anyway, so maybe you can pretend you’re reading Badnix with much better art.

ShiftyLook has a bunch of comics based on other famous Namco arcade titles as well, such as Bravoman and… Wonder Momo? I’ll take your word that this was an actual game, Namco… THIS TIME…!

- CC

Of Ralphs & Wreckage

Oh look, Disney’s making a Badnix movie!

…actually beyond the essentials it looks completely different, but in any case it looks pretty cool.

I do wonder if, in our modern age of internet mash-ups, Smash Brothers, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Smash Brothers again but this time with Sony characters, the novelty of seeing some of these characters in the same room hasn’t worn off a bit.

All I know is that I would have KILLED to see this movie when I was a kid. (Although I can recall feeling the same way about the Super Mario Bros. movie at the time, too.)