New Terms of Updating!

Okay, I’m starting a little experiment with the comic. First – and this is the bad news! – I’m going to reduce the weekly updates from 4 to 2, at least for the time being.

Second – every new strip is going to be, like, at least twice as big as the old comics were! So you’re getting even more Badnix for the same price (of zero dollars). I’m hoping that if I focus on making two really good comics per week, instead of cranking out four comics that are ‘good enough’, everyone’s gonna be a little happier with the final product.

By the way, I was hoping to have a brand new site up and running to support the new SUPER HYPER MEGO-LARGE Badnix, but it’s taking a little longer than I thought – very soon, though…!

- CC

Big Wheels Turnin’

…aaand I managed to fix my technical issues and post a new comic less than a minute before Thursday ended! UPDATE SCHEDULE MANTAINED! I AM A LIVING GOD

Sorry if the past few weeks have been a non-stop onlaught of exposition and character introductions – I’d hoped to ease some of that stuff into the comic a little more gracefully, but at the same time, I’ve been anxious to just get to the part where I’m doing fun stuff with said characters.

There are some pretty huge changes coming to Badnix – sooner than you may think! Maybe Rog and Perry will take to sitting on a couch and discussing pop culture phenomena? Perhaps Badnix will finally make the leap to becoming my tear-stained black-and-white journal comic? WHO CAN SAY?! Only you – if you keep on readin’.

- CC

World 2!

Some time has passed since the last big storyline, and it seems some things have changed. Has Rog really made the adjustment from C-list Goomba knockoff to Mini-Boss? Are he and Arika friends or foes? And just how is Rog going to fill out an elite task force? All these questions might possibly be answered in the weeks to come, perhaps…!

In other news, I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to draw the latest comics much more quickly and smoothly than usual thanks to a fantastic tutorial series by Zoe Piel – if you’re interested in drawing cartoon art in Photoshop, definitely check her videos out! The new Badnix comics are being drawn in a kind of pseudo-vector style, which has made the linework a lot more crisp and sharp.

Hopefully I can put some of that extra time to use by revamping the site a bit, and on some new features – perhaps an honest-to-goodness Badnix VIDEO GAME?! It is not outside the realm of possibility! So, keep checkin’ it for newer and cooler stuff.

- CC