New Site!!

Well, it took ages, but I’ve FINALLY settled on a new site design! The old one had its charms, but I feel like this one’s a lot cleaner and easier to use, and fits the new full-page format a lot better. Plus it’s all colorful and shiny! Those purples and grays on the old number were bumming me out.

This has also given me an excuse to update EVERY SECTION OF THE SITE! I particularly enjoy the new Cast page – I’ll probably be adding more profiles to it in coming weeks, but there’s already lots of info up there to help you get recapped on the story.

Eagle-eyed readers may spot the two giant “???” buttons at the top of the page. What mystery pages do they conceal?! Well, here’s how you unlock them:

  • Read through the entire archives of the comic at least once
  • Read through them again, but this time in reverse (making sure to skip over all guest strips and filler – this WILL break the code)
  • Click on the site’s banner ad 200 times
  • Enter code ABBACAB on your Genesis controller until you hear a chime

That’s actually complete nonsense, they’re just sections I’m planning to debut later on. They will be very cool sections, though! I promise you will like ‘em.

Also forthcoming: new comics! Sorry about the delay, but you can probably tell I’ve been busy. New storyline should start on Wednesday!

Things To Come: Pachinko Man, New Site & More

The surprisingly dinosaur-light adventures of the Badnix in Dinosaur World have come to a close! We’ll be taking a short breather, and then launching into the next storyline later next week. (Worth noting: there is a certain season coming up that I have literally never failed to work into the comic somehow. Hint, hint, hint.)

In the meantime, I have some extra cool news to share with you guys!


Some of you might remember that I was working on a surrealist comedy adventure game called Pachinko Man with some of my inordinately talented friends a long while back. Well, after 2 year of back-breaking labor, extended hiatuses, and wholesale procrastinating, it looks like we’re finally going to be releasing the finished version of the game sometime very soon!

Not only that – it will be playable online! For free! WHAT! It’s like a Steam sale that lasts forever. I’ll continue posting about it here and on Twitter as more news bubbles up, so stay tuned!

But wait – there’s more!


After way too many failed attempts, I think I’ve FINALLY arrived at a redesign for this site that I really dig. Technically, it’s ready to debut now, but I want to wait and work a little bit more on new versions of the Cast section, the Archive, etc. No promises, but I would love to finally launch this thing sometime between now and the next storyline!

But wait – there isn’t any more! Um. Because that was the last piece of news I had. So yeah. Thanks for reading!

Yoshi’s Safari


I made a reference to this game in the last comic, and then I got to thinking – does anyone besides me even remember this was a thing?

Yoshi’s Safari was one of only 12 games produced to support the Super Nintendo’s “Super Scope” light gun peripheral. It was a rail shooter in which you controlled Mario, riding atop Yoshi, as he mowed down Koopas with a large gun. Yes, it is that kind of safari.

Watch some footage and see how quickly the charm of the Mario series sloughs off of this hot mess. My favorite part is the way they gave a nod to the central mechanic of jumping in the Mario series… by including Mario Kart style ramps that have NO EFFECT ON GAMEPLAY. The only really bright spot in this game for me is the tripped-out mech suits they distributed to the Koopa Kids. EXAMPLE: Morton Koopa Jr. rides inside of a giant blue frog with a top hat. Yes! Of course. Of course he does that.


Nintendo has a long history of pairing off their best IP’s with new/experimental hardware. I struggle to think of a time when this bore a fouler fruit than Yoshi’s Safari. I mean, at least Link’s Crossbow Training has some kernel of logic to it.

Was there something worse than this that I’m forgetting? Was there, like, a Kirby game you could only control using the Gameboy Printer?