The “Original Badnix”

So in the latest comic we learned that the enemies Rog’s grandfather served with – in addition to not being the noble honor guard Rog imagined – were in fact an earlier version of the Badnix. BUT! Did you know we’d seen this proto-Badnix before? They popped up way, waaay back when Rog first got appointed to lead the Badnix – and if you looked really close, Rog’s grandpa had a hidden cameo in that strip like the sneaky SOB he is.

Rog’s grandpa had another hidden cameo on this page – along with another face you might recognize from recent comics.

Will these revelations about his family change how Rog thinks about his job? Will he escape the clutches of this mysterious pseudo-Puck?! The answer is, of course, no; Rog and the rest of the main cast are going to meet gruesome deaths next week, and all future Badnix storylines will follow the exploits of the old sea captain. YOU CAN’T PROVE I’M LYING! (Unless you keep reading.)

Ghastly Comic Delay Tales!

Hey gang, just wanted to let you know that there is, in fact, a comic coming today – it’s just gonna go up a little later than usual. This page needs to be showered with a little bit of extra love, is all. Please Understand.

Anyway, thanks for your patience!

Pachinko Man!


Just in time for Devil’s Night! Pachinko Man, the point-and-click adventure game I designed/wrote/programmed, is finally complete! And you can play it right now, in your browser, for free!


The game is very similar to Lucasarts classics like Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, with the added twist that you are a Man who is also Pachinko. It’s surreal and funny and is full of beautiful pixel art by Alex Swenson, creator of Job Dog. It also ranked 2nd and won an award for Best Writing in the SA Gamedev Competition 2 years ago (which if nothing else should tell you how long we’ve been working on this dumb thing).


We thought about releasing the game on Steam or some type of App Store, but ultimately we’d rather just get as many people to check it out as possible. So if you like the game, be sure to share it! I’ll thank you for it – and Pachinko Man will too. Or he would if he wasn’t a fictional character.

Anyway. Enjoy!

Halloween Filler!


My recent travels through the plague-blasted wastes of New York have cut into my cartooning schedule a bit – so in lieu of an ordinary comic, you get this seasonal filler today. TA-DAAA!

We’ve done the Halloween costume thing once before, but this time I decided to have some fun with it and venture into hyper-obscure territory. Can you figure out what any of the costumes are? Or the connecting theme? Let me know! I promise I will be sincerely impressed.

Anyway. Happy Howl-boo-scream season, guys~