Redgebeard: Origins


Captain Redgebeard first showed up a few years ago in one of my personal favorite Badnix stories, The Curse of Island Cove. It’s not required reading to understand the current story or anything (the guy’s kind of just Reggie Fils-Aime as a pirate, that’s pretty much the extent of his characterization so far) but in case you’re curious, here’s a link to where he first appeared.

Which forgotten gag character should I rescue from the archives next? WHO KNOWS! I did always feel like Baron Harkoffing was taken before his time…

Pachinko Man FAQ (& more!)

A lot of folks have been reaching out to me, here and elsewhere, with questions about Pachinko Man – so, to help everyone out, I put together an official FAQ over at the brand new Punch the Moon dev blog! If you’re wondering where to use the Length of Rope item? Probably the best place to look.

Punch the Moon is, of course, the loose confederation of creative-type pals that I made Pachinko Man with. I’ll probably continue posting P-Man news and content over there, and no doubt we’ll be posting about some new projects over there before too long. Worth keeping an eye on!

In other news – on Monday, the Badnix archives finally hit 400 comics!! Yeah, kind of an inauspicious number to celebrate, but I still thought it was pretty cool. I still remember 50 comics seeming like a landmark that existed in a hazy, unfathomable future.

Hoping to have some more Badnix-flavored news to share with you guys in a less hazy, relatively fathomable future. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!


Wow – another year come and gone!

2014 was a big year for me. There were some very real challenges to overcome, but also a lot of victories, and some incredible moments of joy. Unfortunately, due to administrative error, I did not actually observe 2014 last year; instead, I celebrated 2003, which I could charitably describe as “middling”. In my household 2014 was observed from March 23, 2007, until the same date the following year (which was 2002, for related reasons).

I wanted to tell you all how optimistic I am about the projects I have planned for 2015, but you know, I actually lived through 2015 twice during the mid ’90′s, and so I can only offer you all the following advice, with some authority: “don’t bother”.

That said, and in earnest, I’d like to wish you all a very happy new year, a year of joy and laughter and with a duration exceeding no more than 365 days, because the related paperwork becomes extremely difficult to deal with otherwise.

Pachinko Man: Game of the Year?


Very cool news! Pachinko Man made it onto Zoe Quinn’s 2014 Top 10 Games list over at Giant Bomb. (Yes, that Giant Bomb.) (Yes, that Zoe Quinn.) We are officially the Best Game About Balls, a title we proudly wrest from the clutches of such landmark titles as Pong and Cool Spot (SNES).

You know about Pachinko Man, right? It’s the crazy, funny point-and-click adventure game that I helped to write, program, and design over the past year or two. And you can play the whole thing online, free of charge, in the comfort of your own browser.

Quinn had some really nice things to say about our game, and it is really amazing to have received a nod from someone who looms so large in the indie games scene. I am crazy flattered, over here! Thanks, Zoe.

I’m hoping to have more pachinko-themed, gamedev-y news to share with you guys in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, I’d really love to see more people discovering and playing this weird little game my friends and I have put so much time and heart into. So if you haven’t already…